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NATEL Wins New Radar Contract

IN Aerospace & Defense, Amazing Things, Integrity, Microelectronics, . . . On 05-05-2014

CHATSWORTH, CA May 5, 2014 “NATEL EMS has been awarded a prestigious contract for radar manufacturing that recognizes the company’s depth of experience in high frequency electronics,” announced President/CEO Sudesh Arora.

NATEL will be manufacturing precision approach radar (PAR) within the TR model radar system. PAR provides lateral and vertical landing guidance to aircraft pilots.

“NATEL has worked on similar K-band electronics projects with prime contractors and NASA,” said Arora. “I believe we were awarded this new business because of our reputation for customer-focused solutions in radar technologies.”

The radar system NATEL will manufacture is highly mobile and fully autonomous. “It provides military and civil air traffic control services, 24/7, in all weather conditions,” explains James Angeloni, NATEL’s A&D Chief Operating Officer.

NATEL is embarking on new frontiers, especially in military electronics manufacturing, as it works to become a leader amongst tier two EMS companies. “This is one major way we’re making amazing things happen,” says Arora.

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