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Ensuring Rapid Production – NATEL’s Seamless and Accurate Backbone

IN Amazing Things, Integrity, Management Team, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures, . . . On 09-09-2014

Ensuring Rapid Production – NATEL’s Seamless and Accurate Backbone from NATEL on Vimeo.


NATEL’s ERP system has allowed the business to scale from a niche electronics manufacturer to a global EMS company, and gives plenty of flexibly for future customers and acquisitions. Listen to our MIS Manager and COO discuss the value of our tool, an advanced and highly customized version of Epicor software working in conjunction with best-in-class hardware to deliver seamless and accurate data rapidly to the people who need it in Supply Chain Management, Quality, Stock Rooms, Inventory Managers, Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Account Management. NATEL’s disciplined team has achieved greater than 99.9% inventory accuracy.


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