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Component Risk Mitigation & Obsolescence | NEO Technology Solutions - NEO Tech

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Component Risk Mitigation & Obsolescence

NEO Tech is one of few EMS companies with the engineering team in place to deploy Design for Procurement (DFP) methodologies. We closely with customers in advance of the procurement stage??to resolve any potential issues within??customer document packages. We also evaluate availability, material lead times, and available alternates.

NEO Tech-componentrisk-mitigation-v2NEO Tech’s Six Step Risk??Management Approach

  1. Potential risk is identified
  2. Asses the probability of the risk
  3. Assess the impact of the risk
  4. Assess the actions and costs required to mitigate the risk
  5. Prioritize the risk
  6. Mitigate the risk

Parts Obsolescence Planning

  • Evaluate bill of materials and evaluate life cycle risk
  • Use both production engineering and design engineering techniques to mitigate difficult replacements
  • Make best effort to “save the board,” leveraging our engineering capability to design or locate an acceptable low-cost and low-risk option
  • Form-fit-function redesign capabilities as required

Counterfeit Components Risk Mitigation

  • NEO Tech buys from a limited number of Certified Approved, franchised distributors only
    • 99% of bare die comes from five suppliers
    • 70% of PCBA components come from six suppliers
    • Preferred Independent Distributors are audited for their supplier vetting processes and counterfeit detection abilities
  • Original manufacturer Certificate of Compliance (CoC) is required
  • Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) data or equivalent is required
  • Suppliers must be ITAR registered with the State Department when a government agency is the end-customer
  • Suppliers parts must meet all NEO Tech and customer quality clauses
  • Uncertainty or doubt about parts and paperwork trigger third-party analysis for validity
  • We have had zero counterfeit incidences in our four decade history