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Failure Analysis | NEO Technology Solutions - NEO Tech

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Failure Analysis

NEO Tech engineers provide an array of analytical solutions to better understand failure modes of parts from the field and from our own assembly lines. To investigate root causes and implement corrective actions, we have both in-house evaluation capabilities as well as close relationships with outside labs. Our in-house capabilities are state-of-the-art and??continue to expand as the need for real-time answers drives NEO Tech to invest more in internal tool sets.

Failure Analysis

  • Destructive and non-destructive physical analysis
  • In-house failure analysis lab for cross sections and strain gauge analysis
  • Die-level diagnosis via decapsulation of ICs and in-house SEM analysis
  • Perform failure mode analysis and testing
  • Hermetic Seal??Analysis
    1. Fine leak at 1.0×1.0-9
    2. Gross leak testing
    3. Helium leak testing
    4. Krypton 85 testing
  • Bond Stength Analysis
    1. Die shear capability
    2. Cross-sectioning capability
    3. SEM
  • Electrical connectivity??and adhesion tests (CSAM,??die shear, and bond-pull)