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Product Development and Engineering | NEO Technology Solutions - NEO Tech

Introducing Our New RF Filter Product Line

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Product Development and Engineering

Shortened product life cycles, more demanding customers, and escalating development costs require new strategies for product development and sustaining engineering support. NEO Tech recognizes that the cost of??quality is directly measured by the robustness of?? product design and implemented product test strategy.

Involving an EMS company at the onset of a design is a relatively new approach to the product development cycle. Through concurrent engineering, our experienced team focuses on matching design and performance while optimizing for production. We find that greater upfront planning and development with EMS partner input helps our customers avoid surprises later in production.

With more than 130 degreed engineers,??we can??focus on a broad mix of technologies to provide value to our customers. Key activities include:

Incorporating these proven processes throughout the early stage process allows NEO Tech to discover any opportunities to cut costs and boost quality improvement.?? In addition, we perform a comprehensive DFM/DFT analysis on all assemblies before the build stage. Our consultative approach ensures that a clear roadmap is??developed for each customer’s continuous improvement efforts.

Design and Engineering Services

  • Ability to integrate with the customer design?? teams or third party product design and development service companies in new?? product development efforts
  • PCBA design/layout
  • Component engineering
  • Consultative teaming approach to DFM/DFT?? recommendations
    • Detailed reports prioritize recommendations?? through a 0-5 ranking system
    • Seminars help educate customer teams on ways to?? improve quality and reduce production cost over time
  • Value Added/Value Engineering (VA/VE) and APQP?? part of initial NPI process

Process Manufacturing/Engineering

  • Advanced manufacturing?? technologies
    • Vapor phase reflow
    • Lead/lead-free duplex?? wave
  • Technology?? capabilities
    • Driven by industry?? technology roadmaps
  • Standardized equipment?? platforms for manufacturing and test
  • Lean process?? implementations
    • Standardized array?? sizes
    • Flexible?? configurations
    • Fast change over?? processes
  • Process analysis?? laboratory
    • Process?? characterization
    • Stress and strain?? measurement systems
    • Advanced BGA testing?? systems
    • Electronic component?? failure mechanisms
    • Design and manufacturing?? defects analysis
    • Constructional?? analysis
  • FMEAs and control plans at the product level

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