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What's Inside Your Box? | NEO Technology Solutions - NEO Tech

Introducing Our New RF Filter Product Line

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What's Inside Your Box?

Congratulations on your empty box.

As you may know, someone from my team has??attempted to connect with you more than six times (probably closer to nine times)??over the past??three months and has yet to??get the conversation started. There’s nothing more we can send you.

I have been??curious if our collaboration can deliver results and improve your bottom line. The cost to open this dialogue has been under??$250, far less than other unknown companies would spend to get in front of you. Spending less to do more is in our DNA.

While I did just??send you an empty box inside a box, I prefer to see this as a box bursting with opportunities to remove some of your day-to-day operational headaches and make your life easier.

Let’s talk. I can be reached directly at jdavis@natelems.com or (818) 734-6559.

Jonathan Davis, Vice President of Corporate Development